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Margaret Claveau


 I would invite you to check out Oprah and Deepak’s 21 day meditation on Manifesting Grace through Gratitude. It is free.

I interviewed three amazing people for my thesis, Standing in the Tragic Gap: Courage and Resilience in the Lives of Ordinary People”.  This is what they shared about gratitude.

Lee is legally blind. She is most grateful for the people in her life, “from casual acquaintances to dear friends, to professional associations, and working associations.” 

Mark is a young man. His sister died by suicide. He explains his gratitude in these terms: “I’ve got food in my stomach. I’ve got a roof over my heard and I’ve got friends I can call.” I interviewed him six months following his sister’s death.

Catherine’s first husband’s died by suicide. She was grateful for her healthy children. Her son and son-in-law were killed in an accident. She was grateful that her son had been “experiencing life and enjoying so many things.” She was grateful for her nursing career. Catherine’s daughter’s died in a car accident. Catherine met her second husband, Comfort sometime later. She said, “He was a great blessing in my life.” She concluded, “So adversity happened but the end results have been a real blessing.”

These amazing individuals demonstrate that gratitude is possible in the most difficult circumstances and that gratitude leads to closure and healing.

Note: Pseudonyms have been used to ensure confidentiality.